100 Nasty Women Of History by Hannah Jewell-P2P

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In 100 Nasty Women of History, Hannah will spill the tea on such incredible women as:

Aethelflaed, who fought off Vikings at her wedding;
Ching Shih, a swashbuckling pirate known as ‘The Terror of South China’;
Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who fought racism with the point of her pen;
Lilian Bland, who built her own plane and flew it;
Rani Chennamma, who was a (literal) queen and went to war with the British;
Nell Gwynn, one of the greatest hos in English history;
Coccinelle, the first known trans woman to be legally married in France;
Noor Inayat Khan, who may have literally punched Nazis.
And that’s just eight of them.

So if you think that Nasty Women are a new thing, think again. They’ve always been around – you just haven’t always heard of them. It’s time to get learning. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History who gave zero f*cks whatsoever. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History whom everyone needs to know about, right now.

100 Nasty Women Of History: Brilliant, Badass And Completely Fearless Women Everyone Should Know by Hannah Jewell-P2P
ISBN: 1473671256, 1473671264 | 2017 | EPUB | 448 pages | 1 MB

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