BDM’s Raspberry Pi: Tricks, Hacks & Fixes-P2P

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Raspberry Pi: Tricks, Hacks & Fixes – Everything you need to master the Raspberry Pi…

The Raspberry Pi is without doubt the most utilised computer of recent years. It’s been a part of thousands of projects and sent to places that most of us only dream about visiting . It’s used for science, engineering, mathematics, space travel, communications, weather monitoring and prediction, gaming, programming, education and as a standard desktop.

Inside this Raspberry Pi – Tricks, Hacks & Fixes book we show you how to get the most from your Raspberry Pi. With the best tips, tricks and guides available, you can be up and running and planning your unique project within days.

This book covers the initial set up, guides you through the minefield of getting the Raspberry Pi to boot into a workable desktop system, teaches you how to use the operating system and avoid the common pitfalls. We also look at coding tricks with Python and FUZE BASIC. There are project ideas and hacks that will help you get on your way to mastering the Raspberry Pi and advice on what to do should you come across Pi problems.

Whatever your goals are with the Raspberry Pi, this book, and a little imagination, are all you need to join the other 19 million Pi users around the world and realise your digital dreams.

BDM’s Raspberry Pi: Tricks, Hacks & Fixes-P2P
English | 196 pages | True PDF | 229.3 MB

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