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If you been at a size for a while rotate them every so often. Now, if you don take my advice and stop using after 2g and you plan on using them to size up,
Casquette Bleu Fonce, here what you need to know:It your 1st stretch going up by 2mmIt gonna hurt like a mother (if you use tapers)There nothing you can do to prepare for itOnce it over, the stinging of your ears will haunt you for the first 24 hours and then some.How to make it easier on myself if I still plan on using tapers?Lube the fuck up! Oil that ear and taper as much as possible and hope for the best.BLOWOUTS! What to do? How to fix? and What the hell are they?Blowouts: Blowouts occur when stretching your yours,
Casquette Classique, more specifically when your sizing up your ears. They are not fun,
Ralph Lauren Echarpe, they extremely painful, and they suck to try and fix.Blowouts can be caused by the following sizing up methods:Basically a blowout happens like this: You massage your lobe and get it ready to stretch.