– 2xIntel E5-2650, 64GB RAM, Regular,Admin&Encoding,2&10Gbps @ 12$ (NL)

Hello WJ! I am presenting to you CoinRDP! Accept the future of RDP and Digital Payments by using our services today!

About Us:

What is CoinRDP?
CoinRDP aims to provide super-fast, high quality RDP servers to its customers.

What do you mean by super-fast?
Well, all our RDP servers come with a minimum connection speed of 2Gbps and 64 GB DDR3 RAM along with Windows 2012 in order to give you a high quality, secured and super-fast environment to work on.

Why the name CoinRDP?
We believe Crypto-Currency is the future of online payments and hence we only accept popular crypto-currencies as payment method.

What Crypto-Currencies do you accept?
We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DASH, Monero and Ripple at the moment. You are free to suggest a new payment method by responding to this thread or by creating a support ticket.

Will you never accept traditional payment methods like PayPal, Payza, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Paytm, Cards & Bank Transfer etc.?
As of now, we can’t tell about these traditional methods. However, we strongly suggest you look at adopting crypto-currencies; more and more companies are accepting these. Moreover, the value of crypto-currency is sure to increase over time – no traditional payment method will double your stored money over a period of time.

Our RDP Plans:

Netherlands 2Gbps Regular RDP – Encoding Not Allowed, No Admin Access

Netherlands 2Gbps RDP – With Admin Access, Encoding Not Allowed

Coming Soon – Netherlands 2Gbps Encoding RDP and Netherlands 10Gbps Regular RDP

Some Features:

  • Minimum 2Gbps Speed
  • Minimum 64 GB RAM
  • Increased Storage Space
  • Secure Environment – Windows 2012 with Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software
  • Lots of Pre-Installed Applications
  • Ability to Request Application Installs
  • Affordable Prices
  • 24 / 7 E-mail Support via Tickets
  • Resource Intensive Activities not allowed on Regular Servers

Not Allowed – Mining, Cracking, Carding, Downloading from Public Torrent Trackers, Child P*rn, Spamming, DDoS and any other server / network abuse activities. Check with us if you are unsure about the activity before buying since we do not provide refunds.

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