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Lump sum cash infusion enables us to execute our business plan in the health and wellness sectors more aggressively than we were otherwise able. Has been in discussions with a number of interested parties over a period of several months,
Looking Season 2 DVD Box Set , as it worked to obtain the best terms and conditions possible in the oil field sale for its shareholders,
Sleepy Hollow Season 2 DVD Box Set , and is confident it has obtained the best price possible in the current environment.Lexaria has refined its business model in order to be as active as possible within the confines of presently legal CBD based industry sectors,
Drama DVD, and the sale of the Belmont Lake Oil Field significantly accelerates our ability to pursue this market as aggressively as possible. The Company believes its potential growth rate in the CBD sector exceeds that which was possible at the Belmont Lake Oil Field, and the timing of this asset sale is virtually perfectly meshed with the Company plans for growth.Following the recent acquisition of PoViva Tea; the Belmont Lake oilfield asset sale; and the retirement of all corporate debt, Lexaria expects to retain a cash balance of approximately US$1 million.