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Feeling so overpowered by the fall melancholy that nothing is able to cheer you up?

Our newest promotion will put you back on your feet in no time. We now hand out a 10% promo code on all products in our offer, even their open source versions, which makes the promotion one in a million! But the most thrilling news is yet ahead: if you submit your custom project before the close of October, you will receive a massive 50% discount on any single piece of software gear – how about that kind of an early Christmas gift?

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EasyDCIM v1.4.1 has officially arrived, much to delight of all customers! Mass actions, refined search engine, fine-tuned EasyDCIM widget, capability to customize the system events – these are but a few enhancements destined to boost your experience with this ultra-modern (and now also ultra-fast) platform!

Dying to exploit all possibilities of the fast-approaching new update of Antares, including the flawless support for the NGINX server? Or is it the compatibility with the latest version of Laravel, Vue, and Webpack that you are most looking forward to? Take this one simple step to make sure that when it finally arrives, you will be the first to jump on it!

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