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Hello to all wjunction users!

My name is Nicolas and I want to introduce you a completly new paid image host. The application is on an exclusive beta only for wjunction users (I don’t advertise on any other websites at the moment). On this board are the most experienced

uploaders so we want their opinions and feedback as the first.

We are in a beta, but WE DO make payouts! (via PayPal, Webmoney, Payza).

Detailed statistics

You can select data range:
by FOLDER (one selected or all),
by TIER (one selected or all)

Also you can generate reports about:
total earnings per folder
total earnings per tier
total earnings per days
total earnings per content type (adult / family-safe)

also, every image has dedicated and detailed stats page!

Easy and powerfull files-manager

bulk actions:
delete, rename, move to other folder, merge folders,

sort by: any data,

show at the time: from 10 to 200,

search: it’s really easy to search folders or images

Usefull upload box

You can save your default upload box settings.

Don’t waste time to set this on every upload!

Upload from:
– computer,
– remote,
– .ZIP archives.

Full responsive

You can use on mobile and tablet also.

You can monitor your earnings, demand payment and upload your images wherever you are!

Adult images rates Family safe images rates

We will do everything we can to raise rates in the near future.

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Payment processors

– Paypal,
– Payza,
– Webmoney.

Payout terms:
– minimum: $ 5,
– max. waiting time: 3 days.

Main benefits and rules

  1. We allow legal adult and legal family safe images (on family-safe images are family-safe ads!).
  2. We allow all social media websites (facebook, twitter, reddit, etc.) and links shortening services.
  3. Unlimited images and folders amount.
  4. We split the views on "paid views" and "all views". All views = "non-paid views" + "paid views"). So no more misunderstandings.
  5. Stats are updated in max. 90 seconds.
  6. We don’t block content for users with adblock enabled.
  7. Fresh, clean and responsive webdesign.



– your suggestions and ideas. We are really open on feedback. We do for you. We want your opinions

what shoud be done next. Our application is on beta now but we have a lot of time and energy to still develop it for you.

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– we will inform you about every new release which has been done.

Click here to visit the blog


Please follow our profile to keep an eye on the most important news –

Other rules:

  1. A fake traffic methods (autosurf software/bots, PTC, hidden frames etc.) are not allowed. Users who use these methods will be banned. Also, we can detect such traffic (and qualify as non-paid views) so we disallow this because it’s waste of traffic and other resources.
  2. We pay for a view from 1 unique IP for 24 hours.
  3. We don’t count views with adblock as "paid views".

The rest of rules and terms you can find there: – paying image hosting. Upload, share and earn!

We really look forward to feedback. We want be able to adjust the script to suit your needs. This is for you, not for us. That’s why we are committed to frequent updates.

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