Steve Austin on wrestling CM Punk

Steve Austin on wrestling CM Punk, and more

Phil Allely of The Sun in the UK has an interview up with Stone Cold Steve Austin. In the interview, Austin addresses a potential match with CM Punk,
cheap golf clubs, The Rock vs. John Cena, Hulk Hogan vs. Sting and much more. Here is part of the interview:

"I’d say he looks up to me for what I did in the ring back in the day and I look up to him for what he is doing now, I’d say it’s a case of mutual respect.

"I hear the stories and if the stars aligned and all things worked out to benefit us all the WWE, myself and Punk I’d say that he is the guy I’d pick to face.

"I’m sure I could get another match out of this carcass of mine,
golf clubs."Michigan native Rob Van Dam has this to say via his Twitter page yesterday:

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