garlic and a host of other seasonings that make it very popular as a seasoning for a host of grilled meats.I ordered the tacos

Spicy jerk chicken tacos from Montego’s Caribbean Cafe and Bar were The Best Thing I Ate Last Week

I have driven past Montego’s Caribbean Caf and Bar many times with every intention of stopping by. But on this otherwise unremarkable late fall day I decided to see what I had been missing and what I found was a delightful trip to the warm climes of the Caribbean Sea.It was crowded with folks taking advantage of the warm temperatures to dine outside. Luckily I spied an empty chair at a table occupied by a friend of mine who gestured me over to join him.I studied the menu for a moment and then stopped looking when I found the jerk chicken because, after all,, it’s a Caribbean themed restaurant so the jerk chicken has to be good. And it was.What is jerk chicken, you ask? Jerk chicken is sort of the like gumbo of Jamaica in that everybody does it and the final outcome is up to the chef’s whim. Jerk seasoning contains lots of flavor patterns native to the tropical region. Most notably nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, chilies, garlic and a host of other seasonings that make it very popular as a seasoning for a host of grilled meats.I ordered the tacos,, which I later found out later from co owner Blake George is one of their more popular items. He, along with his brother Brandon, own and operate this very hip, very cool restaurant and bar that is very popular with the smart set.Yeah, but how did the tacos taste? In a word: very tasty with a terrific seasoning profile. The chicken was spicy but not overpowering. Brandon explained that it was because of a finishing glaze that he devised that makes them unique. "It (the glaze) starts with a sweet chili sauce and has soy sauce,
Ralph Lauren Canada, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and onion powder,
Ralph Lauren pas cher Causes and Injuries, brown sugar and a few secret spices," he said.And the tacos were dressed with a creamy cabbage slaw that helped cool the fire. It contains bits of pineapple and coconut, which also played nicely into the Caribbean theme.After lunch I felt like I was back from a cruise to Jamaica and best of all, I had enjoyed The Best Thing I Ate Last Week.Montego’s Caribbean Caf and BarAddress: 6601 Airport BoulevardOwners: Blake and Brandon GeorgeMenu: Burgers, sandwiches, This is a lateral water hazard., seafood, nachos, po boys,
Ralph Lauren Canada 00 am until 8, tacos, barbecue pork and daily specials. The burger menu by itself is worthy of consideration with several different kinds and lots to talk about. I would be remiss if I didn’t at least that they feature 48 beers on tap.Atmosphere: As befits a restaurant with a Caribbean theme Montego’s has a definite beach feel to it with lots of distressed wood,
Ralph Lauren Canada, thatch, palms and driftwood art. Very relaxing. A large oil painting of the boy’s grandfather,, the legendary Paul Evans who owned the equally legendary Zebra Club on Dauphin Island Parkway, commands a place of honor at the end of the bar.Brandon’s parting words: "I think the secret to our jerk dishes is in the glaze. I was looking for something to glaze our ribs with and it turned out so good that I ended up using it a lot. We go through a lot of that sauce. As for the slaw, it took a lot of coleslaw testing to get to this one."David’s parting words: Brothers Blake and Brandon George have the hospitality business in their blood and it certainly shows with their popular west Mobile caf, Montego’s Caribbean Caf and Bar. They started in business in 2011 with an eye toward offering good food and good portions at a good price and trust me, they have done just that. Judging by their popularity, I’m not the only person who thinks so.


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