I think its next

for sale earning press coverage but not much money

My daughter has the most awesome convertible dresser. (I think its next,
Drop Dead Diva Season 6 DVD Box Set, furniture company is Babys Dream). You use the dresser UPSIDE DOWN when they are babies.

Turning to the subject of losses for the quarter we generated loss ratio of 24.3% including $11.4 million losses from the Sydney hail storm that occurred in December,
Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set, $7.8 million for satellite losses,
White Collar Season 6 DVD Box Set, and $7 million for the California wildfires. To determine Flagstones loss assessments for these events we utilized both a market share approach as well as estimates from our [inaudible]. Note we have not failed to reserve a release of $9.1 million related to windstorm Carol,
Cold Case Season 7 DVD Box Set, June and July UK floods and New South Wales flood losses.