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Get set for ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’, a brand new entertainment series that celebrates science and the world around us through thrilling, big-scale experiments and emotive personal stories. Fronted by actor Ben Miller, stand up comedian Romesh Ranganathan and presenter Rachel Riley, all of whom share a passion for science and technology, the fast paced and informative six-part series brings science to life in all its many forms, showcasing brand new gadgets and technology, and using awe inspiring innovation. Every week, one of the presenters will put their lives in jeopardy in a series of daredevil, high-risk experiments, where only science can save them. Rachel plays with fire, quite literally, as she zip wires through a wall of flames, Ben Miller finds himself strapped to a high speed wrecking ball and hurtling towards Romesh, and Romesh is pinned to the floor with a full size fridge plummeting towards him. Resident scientist Dr Kevin Fong will preside over the high-octane activity as the trio put their trust in science to survive… The show will pose and solve numerous scientific quandaries, telling some emotional human-interest stories along the way. Can cutting-edge robotic exoskeletons enable a disabled father to walk again and fulfill his dream of walking his daughter down the aisle?

Season 1, Episode 1
Sprinter Adam Gemili tries to outrun a Red Arrow, and Rachel Riley faces a wall of fire.


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