List of earnings upload file hosting (lesser-known site)

Please comment if you have experience with some of them

9xupload (PPD) (PPS)
powerfile (PPD) (PPS)
up07 (PPD)
cloudyfiles (PPD) (PPS)
filecyber (PPS) (PPD)
userscdn (PPD)
bitload (PPD)
heroupload. (PPD)
filenext (PPS)
up-4ever (PPD) (PPS) (MIX)
filesgator (PPD)
fileinstant (PPD)
bankupload (PPD) (PPS)
ziifile (PPD)
mexashare (PPD) (PPS) (MIX)
hostingrill. (PPD) (PPD)
oload (PPD) (PPS) (MIX) (PPS) (PPD)

bdupload (PPD)
catshare (PPD) (PPS) (MIX)
weshare (PPD) (PPS)
cosyupload (PPD)
doraupload (PPD) (PPS)
filesisland (PPD)
gigapeta (PPD) (PPS)
jolinfile (PPD)
jumbofilebox (PPD) (PPS)

Be careful!

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