Ping Fers G30-12-27-192534 4p

Seadrill Limited (NYSE:SDRL) took the middle point of the seven at 14.67%. Enerplus Corporation (NYSE:ERF) at 25.18% showed the third best upside,
Titleist 913 D2 Driver. Pengrowth Energy (NYSE:PGH) with 29,
Ping G25 Bois de Parcours.98% upside placed second.

I just purchased a Dean Markley Acoustic Guitar Pickup,
Ping Fers G30, one that just slips into the sound hole as well as a Kustom 12 Gauge amp. I took my guitar into the store and tested it using the exact same pickup I ended up buying and the same model amp, and it sound very good. However, when I got home I get a very loud buzz on the amp.