PixSense.net 8$/1k ++ BONUS Earnings |No-Shave|Best Earnings| BTC, PP, PZ, WMZ

Hello uploaders, this is Kyle. We’ve been working with this revival project for 2 months, and now its time to publicly announce our site for public use.

During the beta phase, we make a lot of changes to our system to ensure our members will get the highest earnings as possible. We believe that our host will be one of the best image hosting for uploaders.

While we shut down our old sites it was because we failed to remove some of the illegal content and our domain was seized by the affected parties.

We promise this won’t happen again. We gained enough experience, and we are here to provide you the most profitable + most stable host "In the long run".

Why you should try PixSense?

Try our host, work with us. And never get regretted. Just four reasons.

  • We had enough experience on critical situations
  • Good/ awesome earnings, STABLE (We will not change our infrastructure anytime soon).
  • No shave
  • Trust – We never missed any eligible payments since 2 years ago.
  • Bonus earnings! Which mean 8$ is Only the base earning!

General informations :

  • Payout are being made via BTC, PP, PZ, WMZ
  • Minimum payout is 5$ , user must make payout request before the end of Monday every week, and will be paid on Tuesday – Sunday (Usually will be paid within 2 days)
  • Any type of url shortening traffic, social traffic, fake traffic is not allowed, Strictly no c.h.i.l.d.p.o.r.n, don’t waste your time.
  • Legal adult images/ non adult images is allowed
  • Max image size 10 MB, max images per upload initiation is 300 images.
  • "Bonus earnings" are depends on your performance, the more you use our host, the more bonus you will get

Rates :

Start your journey now, register an account with us and start earning cash!

Register here – PixSense.net

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