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Reaching for the Stars

I haven’t spent his birthday with him for the past 3 years. I didn’t realize it until 5 mins ago when I started counting. Okay,
north face outlet, that is quite sad. I missed out on his teenage years!At least I will always give/send him something on his birthday to remind him that he still has the best sister in the world. (duh, was there ever a doubt?)

For example: The card on the right was sent by me, back in July 06.

I definitely bought him more than a card, I just don’t remember what it was. Nevertheless,
http://www.domainscams.co.uk/, this year, I highly doubt that the card which both TF and I wrote will arrive. The probability of cards arriving to Setapak is 25%. So far 4 cards have been sent,
cheap golf clubs Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, only 1 received.

dvd box and won its fifth Directors Cup in six seasons. The Golden Lions won eight state championships and had three runner up finishes. Buford!

Me, my brother, and Ying Jeh

Since my parents are now holidaying in China,
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Christian Louboutin Outlet UK he said Marcus Mariota. "I think it’s a big factor in the game . protecting the football, my brother is officially home alone on his birthday (which can be a good thing winks). So I’ve decided to surprise him with a special entry especially dedicated to him!

My first time doing a collage. Took these pictures when we were up on the Eye of Msia and I said I wanted to do a collage. Now, here it is!


Maybe next year we can celebrate your birthday together!

Look at his left ear

Can’t wait to see in person what you did to your ear.

Dad’s response : Aiyoh so worrying.

Was cleaning up the pictures in my old laptop and saw many pictures that was dated long long ago.

There’s a question that I’ve always wanted to ask everyone, should we keep pictures of our past relationships?

Ok actually I asked many of you before, some say why not, some say never ever. ahh.

That aside, found one picture of the family. Hmm. yep that’s our last family picture together, and it was dated 3 years ago, back in 2005.

I guess no introduction is needed here.

Thats our house. Way before the aquarium (on the left) broke one night when Tommie was watching TV,
true religion sale uk. Then the whole family had to wake up to clean up the mess,
ralph lauren outlet uk. Don’t know if the fishes died. I wasn’t very into fishes anyway.

Then I found some pictures of the food that I missed so much back home. Can anyone guess where the pictures are taken from? It’s pretty easy.