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Because TopSpin does not utilize general purpose file server resources to access or transmit CD ROM data, there is no impact to existing server applications or file and print services.CD ROM drives can be placed anywhere on a LAN,
Ralph Lauren Polo Partita Donna, giving workgroups and remote offices complete flexibility in locating and controlling networked discs. To increase capacity,
Ralph Lauren Camicie Donna, LUN based disc changers or LUN expanders can be connected to provide access to up to 56 discs. Alternately, multiple TopSpin 200 servers can be added on a plug and play basis to a LAN segment."The CD ROM networking market is expected to grow to $450 million in 1997,
Ralph Lauren Olimpiadi Donna," said Michael Conrad, president and CEO of , "and as a pioneer in the dedicated network appliance market, we intend to become the leading supplier in this fast growing market segment.