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Experts predict that consumers will start seeing a price increase for dairy products at the cash register starting in November.Now, not only can’t farmers pay their feed bills, but they also can’t make their loan payments. As a result, farmers are having to slaughter productive milk cows once worth $2,000 each for meat,
Ralph Lauren Shorts Women, and are receiving only $1,
Ralph Lauren Tee Shirts Women,200 a head. "I’ve never seen a time where a milk cow is worth more for meat salvage than dairy production," said , a Turlock dairyman whose grandfather started dairy farming in 1930."Just the other day I watched as a truck pulled up next door and every one of my neighbor’s cows were loaded in to be taken to the slaughter house," he said "The woman just stood there crying.",
Ralph Lauren Sweaters Women, CEO of the Western United Dairymen, said 24,900 more dairy cattle have been sent to slaughter this year than the total number in 2011.Feed companies, afraid of being stiffed,
Ralph Lauren Shirts Women, are requiring farmers to pay up front, or with a cashier’s check upon delivery.