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Not to mention the grout issues. If you still love tile, just use a pretty neutral, non trendy tile and keep it in the kitchen area. I was showing a beautiful 1 million dollar home the other day,
Ralph Lauren Donna, that had all tile in the hallway and kitchen.

The p0401, and p0402, are for the dpfe, and the p1131 is a lean code for bank 1, and the p0174 is for bank 2 lean, and the p1443 is for the evap purge valve, was there another code? once you have fixed the issues,
Ralph Lauren Abiti Donna, you have to drive 42+ miles of varying conditions, to get eh moniters to reset, and the pcm has to relearn your driving strategies as well, it may take a few days. If it seams that the engine has a "hicup" occasionally,
Ralph Lauren Tee Donna, you may need to take it into the local ford dealer, and have them reprogram the pcm with the latest calibration. But if the check engine light comes back on, and you have lean codes again, you probably would need to look into vac leaks..