[Selling] Domain + Full File Mirroring Script [ Fully UptoDate ]

Hello Every One

I want to sell my MirrorFileHost| Upload Everywhere – Mirror your files in one click site — Its a Stabled site its using xFileMirror Script ,All Plugins are working & still 4 months support have ..If any one interested please email me on: support@mirrorfilehost.com

Some Basis Needs & requirement:

** For running this Script you must need VPS ,It ca be OpenVz VPS [ Minimum Configuration is 512 RAM 20 GB HDD 2.00 Ghtz Processor ]

** Currently its on my server ,when you change server / it will cost 30 USD which will pay for new installation IF you need help of Script Developer .

** Or if you wish i can give you my server with this ,I am now using server VPS which is Cost 6 USD per Months .

** Selling Price is 160 USD

** Contact email: support@mirrorfilehost.com [ any time ]

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