[Selling] Semi Automated Torrent Uploading Bot


I am here to sell a custom developed semi auto-bot for torrent uploading to various reputed sites. It was developed for my use only. However, I have decided to quit torrents for further studies. Therefore, I am selling the bot.

Language used: Python
Type: CMD line

Features: It creates torrent using downloaded videos. Videos should be in MP4 format.
It creates templates for some reputed sites and upload them on these sites.
The sites integrated are for ET, PL, WWT (worldwidetorrents), 1337x, btsone.cc, glo.dls, mprtorrents.com.
It has kat plugin as well. But due to kat shutdown, the plugin is not working anymore. Hence, I have disabled it.
Please see the screenshots below for further understanding. You can always ask me for further details.

Note: I will handover the site details as well because, I am a reputed uploader on these sites. I have configured the bot for porn torrent uploads. User can use it for any upload by just tweaking the categories.

I would request members who know python to bid for this.

My introductory price for bid start is $ 200.

jpg images

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