– up to $60/10k – weekly payment – GEO targeting – referral – 2 pops

Dear WJ users,

after 4 months hard work with great team we’re proud to launch Shrink Star,
our link shrink service which generates revenue using advertising.

We have one of the best payout rates out there, with a minimum payout of just $ 5.

We also have a really clean and good looking dashboard and website, making a better experience for you.

Other than that we also provide enriching analytics for your links, the countries your audience comes in,
the device they like to use, data that helps your business choices.

And along with all these awesome features, we also have geo targeting!
Let one country’s user redirect to one link and another country’s to another link, possibly maximising your profits.

And to top it all of, we have an API, allowing you to turn all the links in a webpage to ours or create a link remotely,
all with one link of code.

We also have a referral program where you’ll make 10% of every user you refer and in case you a run into problem,
we have great support ready to help any time.

User who try to spam, tricks our system would be banned forever.

Payout rates:

* Weekly payment
* Payment method: webmoney, paypal, skrill, payza, bank transfer

*Minimum withdraw is only $ 5 (bank transfer / IBAN $ 100)

* Clicks counted 1x desktop, 1x mobile/tablet a day (00:00am Europe time)

* Legal porn allowed

* Live chat support

* Only 2 pops

* No readymade script

Happy earning to all!


P.S. is in beta modus. If you found any bugs please use chat support to contact us.

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