The Life Swap Adventure S01E02 Taipei-Lancashire WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 1, Episode 2 – “Taipei-Lancashire”
A Taiwanese businesswoman from one of the world’s busiest cities swaps lives with a British fisherwoman from a rural costal community in Lancashire. Although one is terrified by her first encounter with a cow, she also finds peace and friendship in a close community of just 60 people, whilst the other experiences the insanity and loneliness of city life for the first time.Two women, one past retirement age at 64 and the other who at 58 is thinking about her future retirement, are thrown into each other’s worlds. Margaret is a fisherwoman. She has lived with her fisherman husband Trevor in the isolated community of Sunderland Point for the last 30 years. Life is good but she sometimes wonders if she’s missed out on life beyond her small community. She swaps lives with fashion shop owner and businesswoman Kathy from the bustling city of Taipei. Kathy got so wrapped up in her fast-paced life that her relationship with her daughter Scarlett is suffering. Although they live and work together, they rarely talk outside work and spend time little time together outside the business.When Margaret is dropped in lively Tapei, city life is a massive shock for her. Initially, she is overwhelmed by the heat, people and noise, but in the city’s parks she finally finds places to escape, discovering how Taipei’s residents find their own peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Convincing Scarlett to take a day off, they visit a local hot spring. Here, Scarlett is prompted to think about her relationship with her mum for the first time.


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