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should have been a comedy all along,
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Remakes, revamps, and adaptations . . . we love them, we hate them. We cheer their initial inceptions and then pan the final execution while uttering,
Oakley Sale UK both competed at the London 2012 Paralympic Games., "They should’ve left well enough alone." Perhaps the most scrutinized and difficult transition to accomplish in this genre is the old TV show into a movie trick. Sometimes it works like a big Vegas stage show, la The A Team and Mission Impossible. And when dealing with an over 20 year old intellectual property that in retrospect was pretty dopey to being with,
Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, the best way to hedge your bet is to vaporize every last particle of respect or dignity the property had left and warp it into an off the wall comedy.

Newbie officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill, Moneyball) and Jenko (Channing Tatum, The Vow) are overzealous bicycle cops looking to make a big wave in their department. When their antics land them in the captains office one too many times, a son, they are exiled to a special police division that’s trying to dust the cobwebs off an old undercover program. Known as "Jump Street,
Polo Ralph Lauren Canada and regulators have questions,," youthful looking officers are planted in surrounding high schools as students, trying to infiltrate and take down a new designer drug ring.

Much like The Brady Bunch films,
Oakley Outlet Sale UK, the decision to completely mock the old television program and make this a pure comedy was really the only viable choice. Even the simple notion of 21 Jump Street transitioning into a feature film is laughable. However with comedy you can’t just throw out a concept and hope it sticks to the wall. 21 Jump Street excels in both of those facets and cleverly shines a light on just how far the pendulum has swung in the high school hierarchy over the last decade.

Hill brings his patented nervous energy deadpan humor,
Oakley Sunglasses Sale UK, which continues to work brilliantly for his demeanor. But the surprise is the comic stylings of one Channing Tatum. Joe whose main talent is deride as an expressionless heap of muscles, has considerable comedy chops. Tatum actually flexed his funny bone in the much maligned Ron Howard comedy The Dilemma, but being able to play off and even hold his own with Jonah Hill should silence many of his critics. Tatum brings an honest sense of humanity to Jenko, the stereotypical popular jock now removed from his high school glory days, just trying to find his niche in life like everyone else.

The supporting cast and some featured cameos do much more than simply splash a famous face on the screen for the shock value. They all have memorable, laugh out loud moments and are not just there to set up the jokes for the main characters.

21 Jump Street is a masterpiece of mock, using a television series premise that took itself way too seriously, to achieve a hilarious film that does not hesitate for a second to pull any punches.

And who knows, if it’s a success at the box office, here’s to green lighting 90210: The Motionless Hair Picture.