Weight Management: Triathletes by Ingrid Loos Miller-P2P

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This is a guide for triathletes who want to reduce and manage their weight while living a multidimensional life. Every triathlete wants to be faster and to look faster. The lean physique of successful triathletes invites and inspires everyday athletes to look the part.
Looks are an important source of motivation. Well researched and insightful, this book is for those who find that training is not enough to make them lean. Combining traditional weight management approaches with regular training and an athlete’s determination is the key to success. This book offers strategies for various eating styles, recognizing that men and women approach the issue differently. It describes the importance of low body fat for triathletes, and how to use body fat data in order to implement a weight control program over the long haul.

Weight Management for Triathletes (Ironman) by Ingrid Loos Miller-P2P
English | 120  pages | ePUB | 9.3  MB
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