WM Capture v8.4.2-P2P

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P2P group has released the updated version of “WM Capture”.

Description: WM Capture is the only PC video recording program that captures video from any online source with perfect quality. If you can watch it you can save it. Record video from ANY Web site, regardless of format. You caneven record DVDs playing on your PC. And because it does not circumvent or hack DRM (Digital Rights Management) or any copyprotection technology, it’s 100% legal world-wide.


  • Discover WM Capture 8, the highest quality video-from-screen recorder ever created.
  • Super-Easy to Use
  • Free Your Desktop While Recording
  • Perfect Picture Quality

Release Name: WM.Capture.v8.4.2-P2P
Size: 25.48 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi

Download: UPLOADED

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